Music fantasy

Underground 2015-10-26

In this solo piece for harp I chose an unusual style for harp: rock + experimental rhythm and atonality. When you work with harp you need to remember that harp has only 7 notes in an octave and it can be flat, normal or sharp. Sometimes I have many pedal changes in one measure, but I try to make them easier to play by putting changes of the same pedal close.

In this track I use muting a lot, because the style requires it. Especially muting in low register is difficult.

Mechanical Cat 2015-07-20

In this track I applied my latest ideas of building dissonances to percussive instruments. This was interesting, because percussive instruments need more dissonances and more severe dissonances to begin to sound dissonating. So, in some places I could build very dissonating polyphony without creating chaos effect.

Pluto antiphone 2015-06-25

Every time, when I start writing a capella using modern vocal libraries, I know that result will strike me. The same was right with this piece and again I did not believe it could sound like this.

Stone 2015-06-21

I created this piece after studying some works by John Cage and Morton Feldman. The idea in the first part (first 4 minutes) is to create slow and small changes in sound without actual progress. The first part is uniform from the beginning to the end and does not bring almost any evolution of dynamics, harmony or melody. Texture changes a little bit, but this changes are subtle. For vertical intervals I use major 2th, perfect 4th and 5th, minor and major 3rd and 6th. Sometimes they form 7th and 9th intervals when combined. I start by using C major scale notes, gradually adding Bb, Eb, Ab notes. Start and the end of the part fades in and out very slowly, creating a pacification effect.

Eagle island lighthouse 2014-07-29

Used one library: Best Service Shevannai (library reverb). When composing this piece I was using Shevannai library from the beginning, plugged into Sibelius. Later I exported midi from Sibelius and produced it in DAW with Shevannai.

Durham 2014-04-19

This is the violin sonata for my brother.
When creating this violin sonata I wanted to create a piece with eternal, deep space quality, tranquil and infinite. I used only C major tonic notes in this piece, making it simple and pursuing primitivism style. I also used some minimalism techniques in the piano part, while violin part is more romantic.‚Äč

I used some elements of Arvo Part style. Instruments are Native Instruments Giant (sampled world biggest upright piano) and Spitfire Solo Violin. Natural reverberation of each library was used.

Forest 2013-08-10

Forest was written for various pitched percussion virtual instrument and flute.

Libraries used:
Embertone - Glockenpillar, Infinity BellsEmbertone - Jubal FluteNative instruments - Kontakt Factory Library

March 2013-08-01

This unusual composition is a transfer of 3Bass ideas into the world of harmonica and melodica. Played live by myself on melodica and 3 blues harmonicas.

Saturday peal 2012-08-18

Saturday peal was written for a carillon.

A little circus 2012-06-10

Library: Old music box.

Music box Lullaby 2011-04-26

Library: Old music box.

In the kitchen 2010-09-10

Some relaxed music for the kitchen flash game.