Коротко об Apache Kafka [2020-02]
Дайджест-перевод книги Kafka: The Definitive Guide

MutagenMon [2019-12]
Cross-platform GUI for file synchronizer: monitor sessions status in tray, restart hanging sessions, resolve conflicts

C++ value categories [2019-12]
Quick reference of C++ value categories

Compare programming languages [2019-12]
Compare C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python

ICS calendar search [2019-02]
Search in Google calendar has always been buggy. This project allows to parse downloaded google calendar snapshot (in ICS file format), load it into mysql database and search through it. Can be used for any other calendar that can be exported to ICS file format.

BatchCompress [2018]
Recursively compress all files in a folder with customizable target quality: audio, video and images (while preserving EXIF information). Instead of producing an archive, each file is compressed into a separate media file. Remove unneeded files by their extensions.

Архив яндекс пробок Москвы [2015]
Архив яндекс пробок Москвы с 2013 года (включая полные почасовые карты пробок). Выбрав дату, вы получаете информацию по этой дате за предыдущие годы с возможностью просмотра пробок и погоды за каждый час. Выберите наилучший день для поездки, учитывая статистику предыдущих лет. Лучше выехать на дачу утром 1 мая или 9 мая?

Windows servers monitor [2015]
This is a freeware solution for monitoring windows servers temperatures, free disk space and backup states. It uses SpeedFan, CrystalDiskInfo, Apache, PHP, Mysql, Mysql backup script and some optional backup software (GoodSync, Acronis).

HTTP Log [2015]
​PHP script, which writes logs into files on HTTP request. Useful for android tasker automation. Has protection from wrong parameters. Also can write images using HTTP Post. Can show activity graph. Can be used with applications that use tablet/phone camera for camera monitoring.

HostingControl [2015]
Sync local site with multiple hostings over FTP: Sync local folder with multiple remote folders over FTP, Collect all file names and sizes of all remote sites, Store credentials for all remote sites in a single mysql table.

PHPSyncMysql [2015]
Sync two mysql databases using PHP - either importing exported sql file, or connecting to two databases. This can be useful to load large mysql database into hosting

VMA-Stat [2015]
Analyze VMA Vmware IOPS and MBPS statistics

Weebly Blog Export [2015]
Export weebly blog posts into mysql.

Sourceforge export [2015]
Export sourceforge projects descriptions and stats into mysql. Show list and table of all projects, stats, tags, links. This version does not use Sourceforge API.

AIX Resource Collector [2014]
Collect CPU/RAM/HDD information from multiple IBM AIX LPARs into a single table, which can be copy-pasted into Excel. Created in collaboration with Alexander Loctionov

TreeSnap [2014]
This project will help you to periodically backup your folder structure on all of your disks and then conveniently browse and search this structure. This can be useful for you to find out, what software and files you were using previously.

Ideal home storage [2011]
In this article I talk about the approaches to organizing home files and choosing home storage device. I also post some recommendations for setting up QNAP device, Cacti monitoring system, Web server, data backup and security.

PHP File Find [2011]
PHP web interface to locate, grep and xargs - find files from browser