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Compositions by Alexey Arkhipenko have been described as "experimental and saturated". He often mixes different styles, for example:

In the piece for percussion Mechanical Cat (2015) he explores the limits of atonality in percussion instruments.

Alexey Arkhipenko developed several composition algorithms, which can compose music based on several initial parameters (QGen, CMix, NotesTyper). Results of the work of these algorithms is known as Rhaos project and the most known tracks are Western Train Suite and Lost City. While listening to these pieces you can hear how different rules form the atmosphere of computer generated music.

Alexey Arkhipenko develops classification projects in music, including composer quiz (CQuiz), music genres and composers classification (ClassClass).

Alexey Arkhipenko taught composing for sample libraries and realistic usage of sample libraries in Moscow academy “Moskvorechie” (2014 - 2015).

His music is available at his website: https://arkhipenko.artinfuser.com

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