Adc 2.2 [2002]
Windows desktop program for recording and analysing medical signals (ECG, rheogram, breath). Supports ADUC and Rudnev-Shilaev ADC converters. Developed with MSVC MFC C++ for Moscow State University

Peptide model [2001]
3D video model of peptide movement in MS-DOS environment.

ActiveWaves [2000]
Modeling of different wave processes in biological tissues. This model takes into account refractory period and conductivity of each cell in the area, creating a video of active wave distribution inside tissue in 2D

Population model [1999]
Population model (generates chart graphical output based on input parameters)

CellGrowth [1999]
Modeling of cell culture growth (generates chart graphical output based on input parameters)

EnzymeModel [1999]
Modeling of chemical processes with enzymes (generates chart graphical output based on input parameters)

MusculiTest [1999]
Тест на знание анатомии мышц на латинском языке. Готовился для студентов Московской Медицинской Академии

Worms Model 4.1 [1998]
Graphical population modeling system on 2D surface. This is a detailed model of population dynamics that I created. Each individual in population is modeled completely separately, creating a virtual world of population, while each individial is moving in the world.