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Eagle island lighthouse 2014-07-29

Used one library: Best Service Shevannai (library reverb). When composing this piece I was using Shevannai library from the beginning, plugged into Sibelius. Later I exported midi from Sibelius and produced it in DAW with Shevannai.

Wake Up 2014-04-19

String quartet. This is my first work with Spitfire Sable (123) and Solo strings. I alternate between group and solo samples in this piece. Style is rock and romantic.

Orchestra House 2015-05-16

My first house (electronic dance music) track written exclusively for orchestral instruments. The idea was to use only real instruments and real sound effects without any heavy processing except for equalizing, reverb and limiting.

Pluto antiphone 2015-06-25

Every time, when I start writing a capella using modern vocal libraries, I know that result will strike me. The same was right with this piece and again I did not believe it could sound like this.

One day on the red planet 2014-11-23

Composition for 6 french horns and orchestral percussion in romantic style with elements of minimalism and film music. For horn 2c-Aether reverb was used. For percussion equal portions of stage and far mics were used. Libraries used:

Sample modeling - Brass (Brass)
ProjectSAM - True Strike (Percussion)

Forest 2013-08-10

Forest was written for various pitched percussion virtual instrument and flute.

Libraries used:
Embertone - Glockenpillar, Infinity BellsEmbertone - Jubal FluteNative instruments - Kontakt Factory Library

Rufabgo 2014-07-06

For piccolo flute, flute, alto flute and bass flute. Using Sample Modeling Flutes. I decided to use only Flutes and only Sample Modeling reverb.

Music box Lullaby 2011-04-26

Library: Old music box.

Abiogenesis 2015-01-26

This track uses electronic and hybrid instruments. Thanks to Mikhail Dioxin for helping me with this track. Libraries used:

U-He Zebra (Synth)
Impact Soundworks - Celestia (Hybrid)
Impact Soundworks - Juggernaut (Hybrid)
Sample Logic - Morphestra (Hybrid)

Waking Life 2010-04-07

Live played by me: 2 guitars + guitar rig, melodica, shaker, roland td-9 + bfd2
Bass: HardcoreBass

This way up 2014-11-27

Jazz theme using Oleo jazz standard chords. Alto, tenor saxophones, electric hollowbody guitar, contrabass and drum set. Unfortunately I could not get rid of subtle sound distortion coming from Strainght Ahead Bass instrument. I hope they fix it later. Libraries used:

Water Conflict 2014-06-21

For orchestra. Using 10 libraries, mainly percussion and phrases:

Think it 2009-10-04

Live played by me: 2 guitars + guitar rig, melodica, tambourine, shaker, roland td-9 + bfd2
Bass: HardcoreBass

Gnome forest 2014-11-25

Composition for a woodwind quintet using Sample modeling instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon). Starts with folclore theme and then travels into minimalism.

Mountain Blues 2014-11-01

This is a jazz-blues track showing several jazz libraries:

Orange Tree Samples - Passion Flute (Woodwinds)
Orange Tree Samples - CoreBass Pear (Bass)
Orange Tree Samples - Rosewood Grand (Piano)
XLN Audio - Addictive Drums (Drum set)

Gold 2014-09-30

This is a demo track created totally using EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra (Play edition).

Heat 2016-08-07

This project was inspired by Gav Brown's proposed contest "Summer is the hot season".
I decided to divide music into three movements and created a following plan:

  • Sultriness (hot air rising, leaves burnt) - music from far, rise (in the end), background constant rhythm, ringing.
  • Heat (stove) - active rhythm, struggle, pursuit.
  • Charry postapocalypsis - slow, passive, memorial.

Interstellar string quartet 2013-07-13

Interstellar String Quartet was created for the contest of works for string quartet in the first half of 2013 year. The main idea of the quartet is mixing of late romantic approach with minimalism, impressionism, expressionism and rock music. EWQLSO solo strings were used.

Symphony "Beyond" 2016-09-10

Symphony "Beyond" was created for a poem "Beyond" by Sergey Arkhipenko:

Flying town 2014-02-22

This is one of my first pieces for chamber orchestra (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, 2 violins, Viola, Cello, Double bass). It is in rock style. EWQLSO library used.

Walker 2013-09-08

This string quartet consists of 11 parts. Each part is created in a specific style and all parts are connected with transitions. Most styles go in a historical order.

This piece was created for the contest and I have both virtual with EWQLSO and real performances (see both recordings in the header). Walker performed live by Fratres quartet in Vermel club, Moscow Walker performed live by Fratres quartet in Vermel club, Moscow.

Unfortunately, quartet was replaced three days before the performance and musicians had almost no time for rehearsal. This is why there are some shortcomings in the performance.