Music education

Artinfuser Counterpoint [2018]
Upload your counterpoint exercises and let the system show mistakes with detailed descriptions.

Педагогические материалы А.Б. Щеголева по контрапункту [2018]
Перевод с французского А.Ю. Архипенко.

Ноэль Галлон, Марсель Бич. Контрапункт. [2018]
Перевод с французского А.Ю. Архипенко.

ArtQuiz [2015]
Music, art and literature education quizes and schemes, designed to teach and motivate in developing knowledge of culture. Create and examine associations between music and paintings. Also includes a collection of music examples to several books on music theory.

Music software [2015]
In these video tutorials I talk about general approach to using computer technologies in music and discuss different types of music software. Русская версия

Лаборатория виртуальных инструментов [2015]
Видеозаписи моих лекций по реалистичной настройке виртуальных инструментов и сэмплерных библиотек, проводимых в музыкальных учебных заведениях.

Клуб композиторов [2015]
Московский клуб композиторов. Анализ и обсуждение произведений, техник музыкальной композиции, виртуальных инструментов. Участие в конкурсах. Книги, подкасты и лекции о классической музыке.

Дайджесты книг Алана Белкина по музыкальной композиции [2015]
Перевод с английского А.Ю. Архипенко.

Comparison of virtual instruments [2015]
Comparison tables of sample libraries and virtual instruments.

Virtual orchestra [2014]
Virtual instruments and sample libraries video tutorials with attention to realistic production of orchestra and chamber pieces. Русская версия

Creating sample-based orchestral arrangements [2012]
Article about using sample libraries and virtual instruments with an example of East-West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra library.

Chord sequence analyser system [2011]
The system analyses the series of chords, determines the key, shows where the key changes, also shows some other possible keys, shows the notes of the chord, common notes of adjacent chords. Also it lets you play your chord sequence in MIDI. Also the system includes some most known Jazz standards and can analyse them for you.