Algorithms in music

Artinfuser Algo [2019]
Generate and correct single voice and 2-voice music. Hundreds of rules are used to ensure that generated music follows strict principles of classic counterpoint.

Artinfuser Studio [2018]
Upload your music and get MP3 with best realistic virtual instruments available.

Music generators laboratory [2017]
Generate, analyze, correct music. Import and export MIDI files. Playback adapted music directly to virtual instruments.

NotesTyper [2015]
NotesTyper converts text typing into music. You will need computer keyboard, microphone (notebook mic is ok) and Chrome or Firefox browser. NotesTyper has multiple operating modes and settings, which allow to produce different music from same text. When generating music all nuances of your typing are taken into account: what keys were pressed, exact timings of all key presses and key releases, velocity (loudness) of typing.

QGen2 [2012]
This is the absolute music generation software. Absolute music (sometimes also called abstract music) is music that is not explicitly "about" anything. It is intended to be appreciated without any particular reference to the outside world. The goal of the project was to create the absolute music generation robot, using a lot of convenient music rules and simulating performer's habits. Robot's basic algorithms used for music generation were aimed at infinite developing melody line, dynamic, but not going anywhere in particular. Later additions of envelopes, reprises and parts resulted in more structured music, yet keeping an infinity touch. Results of QGen2 work can be seen in City and Train tracks of Rhaos project.